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Proprietary vs Non-Proprietary

Q: What is the difference between a Proprietary Elevator and a Non-Proprietary Elevator?

A: All equipment is not created equally! We have created a questionnaire for you to complete to help you decide on which style of elevator equipment is best for you.

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Proprietary Equipment

The purchaser of a proprietary elevator must purchase replacement components directly from the manufacturer….only. Sometimes the replacement parts can be reasonably priced, other times they are surprisingly costly. As the equipment ages other vendors do start offering replacement parts though.


  • Initial Cost; due to manufacturers mass production of the components to be sold and installed as a package, “Packaged Units” can be quite reasonably purchased.
  • The manufacturer’s personnel are trained to repair this equipment and have technical support through their network for problems that they are not familiar with or are unable to resolve. This will theoretically provide better “return to service” times.
  • Proprietary equipment has as good of a reliability record as nonproprietary if maintained properly. Sometimes proprietary equipment has excellent reliability histories. There are many variables with this type of assessment.


  • Owners are typically reliant on only the manufacturer to maintain that equipment.
  • Cost of proprietary equipment has been historically high with certain components.
  • Companies are hesitant to bid maintenance contracts due to the difficulty in acquiring components from a competitor.
  • Some proprietary equipment has not been operational for a long time and there are usually revisions to the equipment for the first few years in order to address the operational difficulties that arise after the equipment has been installed.

Non-Proprietary Equipment

Non-proprietary still has patents and copyright protections and is typically defined as equipment that at least three elevator companies can work on without the use of special tools, passwords, or any more technical expertise then is normally possessed.


  • It is usually quite reasonably priced and there is technical assistance available when the need arises
  • Supply is plentiful and there are many reliable suppliers and manufacturers
  • ALL companies are familiar with the non-proprietary equipment that exists on the market and all bid on maintenance contracts that have this equipment. For those that purchase their elevator maintenance, this equipment will likely provide the most competitive bids from all bidding contractors.
  • Lower maintenance contract costs due to all companies, independent and major manufacturers, being familiar with this equipment. All companies can bid the contract with confidence which theoretically makes the bids much more competitive.


  • The owner/purchaser has more up front work to do on specifications to ensure the equipment that is specified is correct as there are no cut and paste work scopes for this type of package. Bid specifications have to be developed, but once they are they can be re-used and tweaked as needed.
  • The up front construction/installation cost is usually higher


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The main goal of Diversified’s maintenance program is to prevent equipment failure before it occurs, thus avoiding unplanned expenses for your company. Our program has been very successful in extending the life and use of each unit. It is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. By taking advantage of our monthly maintenance contracts, you can avoid the expense of major elevator repairs, as well as the liability of accidents.


Should your elevator need repair, one of our trained mechanics will be happy to help identify the problem and repair your elevator in a timely manner. Our certified technicians are each required to complete a four year apprenticeship program as well as a 30 hour OSHA safety program. Our repair team readily availabe to meet your needs for any type of equipment.


Diversified Elevator Service currently performs most of its work throughout the southeastern part of the country but has the capability to perform work anywhere in the continental United States. We offer 24 hour on-call service and a custom service program that best suits your facility.

Installation & Renovation

Diversified Elevator is equipped to handle every type of elevator regardless of your requirements.

Residential Elevators
Chair Lifts
Porch Lifts
Lula Elevators
Commercial Elevators
Service Elevators
Traction & Hydraulic Elevators
Machine Roomless Elevators (MRL)


Do your elevators need an upgrade? From small elevator upgrades to full-scale modernization projects, no job is too big or too small for us. We can provide a personal touch that larger elevator corporations can’t.

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We can customize your elevator to your company’s needs. This is a custom button we created for the University of Alabama!

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Modernization Services

Diversified Elevator provides modernization services for existing elevator systems. Elevator modernization is the process of changing out some or all of your existing elevator components to provide a more dependability, code compliant, and increased energy savings elevator system. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help modernize your vertical transportation systems.

New Installations

In addition to modernization of older elevator systems, we provide complete new elevator installation services for new construction. Whether you’re in the pre-design phase or the procurement phase of new construction, we can help. Contact us today with your questions and specifications. We value the opportunity to quote your project.


We believe in using American-made products. By working with companies based right here in the United States like Canton, Hollister-Whitney, Innovation Industries and Motion Control, we are contributing to the success of our nation’s economy.

Our Suppliers

Listed above are highly reputable elevator supplies with whom we have established longstanding relationships.


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